(Ad concept) Drug to treat Advanced Melanoma
 (2 executions) for a drug to help control bi-polar depression
Lamictal_Woman on bed_2015.jpg
 Drug for 24-hour blood pressure control
 Drug for all-day control of anxiety and panic attacks
 (Ad concept) Drug for the prevention of bone fractures in people with Osteoporosis
 (Ad concept) 12-week cure of Hepatitis C (My illustration)
 Advertorial for Elidel, a drug for the treatment of Eczema
 (Ad concept) A tablet that frees patients from transfusions in the treatment of Lymphoma.
 3-page ad for a drug that helps minimize the symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease
 (Ad concept) A drug that helps rebuild bone mass in patients with Osteoporosis
 (Ad concept) Drug treatment for Hepatitis C
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